RPA Salary Trends and Why the Consultant Rates are Hyped

Japan, the Current Market Stats:

Start Today Co., which works well known online design shopping webpage Zozotown, posted new employment contributions Monday looking for up to seven “virtuoso” tech specialists, offering yearly pay rates of as much as 100 million yen ($944,000). The recorded organization, worth $8.4 billion by market capitalization, is searching for laborers in fields working inartificial intelligence and robotic process automation RPA.

Why the rates are higher for AI and RPA specialists?

Without any doubts, the deficiency of AI/RPA experts is the main cause of this hype. By 2020, Japan will confront a lack of around 48,000 skilled engineers in territories like computerized reasoning and web of things, as per the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. The deficiency is acute to the point that still now in 2019, they are willing to pay more to individuals having outclass skills in both AI and RPA area.

Due to the said reason, IT wages continue to soar. The average pay for RPA/AI expert in Tokyo is ¥5,932,178 per year. Young individuals are switching jobs in the field of Artificial Intelligence and RPA as they are seeing their annual salaries jump 19% on average compared to those of job hoppers three years ago.

USA, the Current Market Stats:

Robotic process computerization (or RPA or RPAAI) is a developing type of business process mechanization and innovation dependent on the idea of programming robots or man-made consciousness (AI) laborers. RPA is growing rapidly in industrial applications including finance, banking, telecommunications, insurance and retails. South America sees higher growth than its north counterparts. RPA market size expected to grow till 3784 million dollars by 2024.

The RPA showcase in US was esteemed at 260 Million US$ in 2017 and is anticipated to achieve 12100 Million US$ by 2025, at a CAGR of 61.3% amid the conjecture time frame. In this investigation, 2017 has been considered as the base year and 2018 to 2025 as the figure time frame to assess the market measure for RPA. The vast endeavor section is relied upon to hold its strength in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) advertise and is anticipated to reach USD 1.96 billion by 2025


Scope in terms of Paying RPA/AI experts, In USA:


US being the center of RPA is all set to pay the higher salary:

The reason remains the same, tech heats up the bar of salaries due to lower number of people are engaged in RPA/AI sector. The higher pay rates are attracting people to adopt a career in Robotics. There is a larger margin of growth by 2030 by report.

The normal pay for a RPA or AI expert in the USA is $81,280 every year. Since less people are in this area of technology, wages are the only factor to get them hired. Being this the reason, the salaries of RPA/AI experts are talking to sky. Young individuals are more interested to get themselves involved in the learning of RPA. No doubt, the salary factor will continue to rise for the next decade according to reports.

Robotic Process Automation Market in Europe:

RPA is changing the business procedure in Europe and has prompted higher dexterity with better overall revenues in the most recent couple of years. Different advantages that driving the Europe automated process

RPA measures are enhanced exactness, bring down IT related hazard issues, performing various tasks and capacity to modify according to the interest of the business. In that capacity, different organizations over distinctive business verticals are effectively utilizing the devices to mechanize the work. In 2017, BFSI and IT administrations represented over 51% of RPA establishments in Western Europe.

Industry Trends:

As of late, in November 2017, Capgemini declared multi-year concurrence with the UK Cabinet Office to create RPA focus of magnificence. This will help in quickening the establishment of RPA crosswise over different government bodies in the nation. In Europe, RPA merchants straightforwardly work together with worldwide organizations to offer programming arrangements and administrations over a more drawn out period of time. Germany will keep on ruling the provincial offer all through the figure time frame. In 2017, it represented over 28% of an absolute offer, pursued intently by UK and France.

Lesser people in action cause hypes in rates:

The average pay for an AI/RPA expert in Europe is €47,294 per year and it is higher than any other area of job. This is a clear sign that future is all about RPA/AI when it comes to automation. Individuals are getting excited with these numerous trends and getting themselves enrolled in these areas to get the most of their abilities. Though the current market seems stable by this point but reports stat that there will be a massive growth is expected by 2030 and hence more employment would be required to cater the requirements.

In short, we can categories the salary table as below:


RPA Salary Trends:



Comparisons between different regions of RPA Automation in a single Picture:


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