CYBER SECURITY in the Modern Industry

The great degree of connectivity in the modern industry through the use of digital technologies and automation has enabled manufacturers and service providers to run their operations in a streamlined and efficient manner, as it simplifies the processes and makes them several times more agile.

While the advent in the field of technology and induction of automation into the business industry has brought about a plethora of advantages and opened the possibilities for accessing and conquering new grounds in the market, it is still not without its concerns, one of the most primary and prominent ones being the issue of cyber security.

What is Penetration Testing ?

The build and maintenance of hardware and software almost inevitably introduces security vulnerabilities. It is critical to find and fix these issues to prevent your IT solution being exploited.Impacts of a security breach can result in revenue loss, fines from authorities, reputation damage and even business failure.

Penetration Testing Services :

The increasing frequency by which cyber attacks are taking place and are essentially crippling humongous organizations that are largely based on data and the Internet of Things, cyber security has become something much more than an afterthought and is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects to take care of when laying down the foundation and the basic infrastructure of their business or company.

Let us help you adequately secure your data and assets with the help of our cyber security testing services. We understand that investing in sufficient security and protective measures can prove to be a heavy burden on the already limited budgets of small and medium sized companies, which is why we offer extremely thorough and elaborate cyber security testing services for both mobile and web applications at incredibly economical charges.

We Provide

  1. Mobile Application Security Testing
  2. Web Application Security Testing
  3. Secure Code Reviews

During the Testing Phase, we uncover the threats using

  • SAST(Static Application Security Testing):
    In the Secure Development life cycle the most important part is code review. By doing secure code review we can identify the security bugs in the early stages(development) of the life cycle so that it will reduce the cost of the organization when compared to production environment.
  • DAST(Dynamic Application Security Testing):
    The most challenging part to any organization is exposing the web applications to the internet. So in addition to code review the organization has to put the efforts to safe guard the application and organization reputation from hackers eyes.

We provide both tool based and manual testing to identify the key threats.

Mobile Penetration Testing Services

Mobile security testing is the testing of mobile device systems to evaluate and improve security.

Mobile devices are now the dominant platforms for application access. This has made possible a range of new attacks that were not previously relevant. Surens Inffotek performs penetration testing and code review for all mobile application platforms, testing the mobile applications and providing analysis of their security.

Using our expertise, we simulate how a real hacker would attempt to penetrate applications and retrieve confidential data.

Web Application Penetration Testing:

Web application penetration testing is the process of using penetration testing techniques on a web application to detect its vulnerabilities. It is similar to a penetration test and aims to break into the web application using any penetration attacks or threats.

General Application Security Tests As per OWASP Standards

A1:2017 Injection

A2:2017 Broken Authentication

A3:2017 Sensitive Data Exposure

A4:2017 XML External Entities (XXE)

A5:2017 Broken Access Control

A6:2017 Security Misconfiguration

A7:2017 Cross- Site Scripting (XSS)

A8:2017 Insecure Deserialization

A9:2017 Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities

A10:2017 Insufficient Logging & Monitoring

Key Features

  1.  Security assessment of a web application to identify vulnerabilities from various avenues of attack Provide a ‘hacker’s eye-view’ of the application
  2.  Adherence to industry standards such as Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Custom execution methodology based on business logic and application technology
  3.  Scoring system based on CVSS 3 (Common Vulnerability Scoring System)


  • Provide recommendations for reducing exposure to identified vulnerabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting helps customers take informed decisions, and quickly address threats
  • Help improve end-user confidence  Ensure compliance to industry standard secure coding practices

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